Action Sports

EDGEtv’s wide selection of Action Sports programming blends professional television series with contributor-generated content.

  • Teal

    “Teal" is a powerful snowboard film produced, directed, and featuring six-time World Cup and World Champion Snowboarder Chris Corning and co-directed and featuring Professional Snowboarder Sam Klein. Principal videography and editing by Alex Havey. Shot across the U.S. and Canada during the 2019/...

  • Send It!
    1 season

    Send It!

    1 season

    "Send it!" This action sports series follows athletes as they give their all to their sporting pursuits; These dedicated athletes have an unbridled tenacity to achieve. They push themselves in unprecedented ways that they have never experienced.

  • Maverick Moments

    0 seasons

    Maverick Moments follows big wave surfers from all walks of life and levels of fame as they struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion all against the backdrop of one of the most feared surf breaks on the planet.

  • The Connection

    Two world-class athletes team up to make their dream a reality. Frenchman Rudy Cassan, an accomplished rock climber and wingsuit flyer, joins Italian athlete Niccolo Porcella, a big wave surfer and a rising star in wingsuit flying, in their quest to climb challenging peaks in Corsica in order to ...

  • LiftOff
    0 seasons


    0 seasons

    After spending two years accomplishing their dream of switching sports, wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer, and big wave surfer Niccolo Porcella lead a collection of some of the most progressive athletes in the world in a global pursuit to push the level of the human experience. The team will travel to ...

  • TORC: The Off-Road Championship

    1 season

    TORC is The Off-Road Championship and is known as a collision between action sports and motorsports.TORC is a national short course off-road racing series that tours throughout the United States featuring professional four and two-wheel-drive Trophy Trucks along with a Pro Light class. TORC is th...

  • Rip to the Tip

    1 season

    The Rip to the Tip is a yearly pilgrimage to the Baja, where motorcycle riders attempt to complete the ultimate goal of "Full Pull." From the US/Mexico border to Cabo San Lucas, founder Cameron Steele leads the many riders over eight days and a thousand miles of dirt, mountains, sand, and water.

  • Seeking Nirvana

    1 season

    Seeking Nirvana "home" follows four of the best free-skiers on the planet (Riley Leboe, Joe Schuster, Mike Henitiuk, and Matt Margetts) as they shred the world.

  • A Driver's Dream

    1 season

    Auto racing champions and old friends Jacques Villeneuve, Trevor Seibert, and Bill Drossos embark on a journey together to fulfill their lifelong dreams of designing, building, and operating a world-class race track in Canada’s Okanagan Valley. From an exhaustive search for a suitable location, t...

  • Sports Adventure

    1 season

    Go around the world to see action sports athletes tackle some of the biggest obstacles on Earth. Big wave surfing, extreme skiing and epic mountain climbs are only a few of the spectacles to be witnessed.

  • Losing Traction

    1 season

    Professional Formula Drift racer, Matt Field, revamps his program for 2015. With the help of Matt's family and new sponsors, the team purchases a tractor-trailer and lands transportation contracts which enable the young privateer to run the season. Matt sets his sights on running both the US Form...

  • My Surf TV

    1 season

    Hosted by World Surf League commentator Ronnie Blakey, My Surf TV brings you surfing’s most relevant stories. Whether it’s a surfing adventure to far flung parts of the globe, or profiles of the brightest surf talent, My Surf TV features stories that are current and that matter. The Series includ...

  • The Ultimate Ride

    1 season

    The Ultimate Ride is a documentary television series focused on elite Action Sports stars working to stay atop their often-dangerous professions. With unrivaled inside access, The Ultimate Ride provides a snapshot of thrilling moments and exotic missions. Shaun White snowboards Japan’s challeng...

  • Airtime
    1 season


    1 season

    High flying action from all over the world. From skateboarding to snowboarding and windsurfing. If there is an opportunity for an athlete to be up in the air it can be found in this series.

  • Drift Style

    1 season

    Part reality series, part documentary, the season unfolds to the final finish line giving the viewer an intimate sense of what Formula Drift is all about.

  • Liquid Edge

    1 season

    Liquid Edge is a one-hour magazine-style series highlighting watersports from around the globe. The Series showcases visually stunning sports such as big wave tow-in surfing, kiteboarding, freestyle jet skiing, professional surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling, free-diving, wakeboarding, cliff...

  • The Slackronauts Project

    1 season

    There they were... the mountains. A place where one comes to feel humbled by the power of nature. Many have felt drawn to these wild places and they weren't ones to ignore the call. Like many who had come before them, they longed for the thrill of the unknown. Follow the Slackronauts as they adve...

  • Beyond the Peaks


    Jokke Sommer, a world-class professional wingsuit athlete, likes to push himself and to find new challenges. For a long time, Jokke has dreamed of speed riding the famous 3 peaks of Switzerland: Eiger, Jungfrau, and Mönch. To prepare and fulfill his dream, he will learn from one of the best speed...