53 Episodes

High flying action from all over the world. From skateboarding to snowboarding and windsurfing. If there is an opportunity for an athlete to be up in the air it can be found in this series.

  • S1:E25 Airtime - Breckenridge Freeski Invitational – Breckenridge, CO

    Episode 1

    The world's best freeskiers kick off The American Freeski Tour in Breckenridge, Colorado. The competitors include Colorado's own Peter Olenick, X Games ruler TJ Schiller and acrobat Brent Abrams Freestylier Rex Thomas explains the latest slopestyle and halfpipe tricks.

  • S1:E26 Airtime - Aspen/Snowmass Invitational – Aspen, Colorado

    Episode 2

    This unique event in Aspen, Colorado's X Games venue offers amateur skiers and snowboarders the chance to compete against the pros in world-class style.Among the invited pros are X-Games skiers Sammy Carlson and the Olenick brothers. On the snowboard side, veteran Luke Wynen and fresh talent Jack...

  • S1:E27 Airtime - US Extreme Freeskiing Championships – Crested Butte, Colorado

    Episode 3

    For the oldest, most prestigious big-mountain ski event in North America, this discipline's best competitors are drawn to Crested Butte, the last great American ski town.Returning champions Wendy Fisher, Jesse Hall and Dane Tudor-Olds defend their titles.

  • S1:E28 Airtime - US Open Snowboarding Championships – Stratton, Vermont (Part 1)

    Episode 4

    To cap off snowboarding's biggest year yet and an Olympic triumph for US riders, the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships in Stratton, Vermont hold it down. Four-time winner Danny Kass returns to claim a 5th title, but will have to face undefeated Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White who has be...

  • S1:E29 Airtime - US Open Snowboarding Championships – Stratton, Vermont (Part 2)

    Episode 5

    The US Open can make or break snowboarding's biggest names. Progressive Aussie Torah Bright is after her first US Open win, while Shaun White will see if he can finish the year undefeated in both halfpipe and slopestyle.

  • S1:E30 Airtime - The Titans Of Windsurfing – Maui, Hawaii

    Episode 6

    Meet the legends of windsurfing; hear how it all started and where it's going. Hang out with pioneers like Robby Naish, Jason Polakow, the Angulo brothers, as well as windsurfing's present rulers Levi Siver, Kauli Seadi and Daida Moreno.

  • S1:E31 Airtime - Burton Abominable Snow Jam – Mt Hood, Oregon

    Episode 7

    Burton’s Abominable Snow Jam shreds summertime Mt. Hood and gives away the bank. Olympians Danny Kass, Gretchen Bleiler, Ross Powers and Kelly Clark have all come to swing for the fences in halfpipe, slopestyle and quarterpipe.

  • S1:E32 Airtime - US Wakeboarding National Championships – Pleasant Prairie, WI

    Episode 8

    Fresh talent, young guns and seasoned pros compete for the National Championship.X Games champs Danny Harf and Phillip Soven are among the rulers in this wakeboarding showdown.

  • S1:E33 Airtime - Crossing Boundaries – Western Samoa

    Episode 9

    Exotic adventure and ocean sports come together as four world class athletes explore Samoa's pristine reef breaks and uncharted waters at the world-famous Salani Surf Resort. Big-wave surfer Jamie Sterling and longboarder Zack Howard ride with big-wave windsurfer Tristan Boxford and kiteboarding ...

  • S1:E34 Airtime - World Wakeboard Championships – Fort Worth, Texas

    Episode 10

    Returning champ Phillip Soven will defend his title against the best riders in the world like Wakestock winner Rusty Malonoski, PWT tour champ Josh Sanders and many more at this year's one, true world-title event.

  • S1:E35 Airtime - Freestyle Motocross World Championships – Pomona, California

    Episode 11

    In its fourth year, the Freestyle Motocross World Championships have become the rider's cup. X-Games champ Nate Adams has won three years running, barely edging out the Metal Mulisha's Jeremy Stenberg each time. Butfellow X-Games champ Travis Pastrana returns to jump start a rivalry.

  • S1:E36 Airtime - ICER Big Air Invitational – San Francisco, California

    Episode 12

    The world’s best skiers and snowboarders were invited to 60,000 seat AT&T ballpark in San Francisco for the largest big air snow event the world has ever seen. In addition to the ICER Big Air, action sports stars such as legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk put on a spectacular exhibitions while top ...

  • S1:E37 Airtime - US Pro/Am Wakeboard Championships – Marathon, Florida Keys

    Episode 13

    This unique, invite-only event boasts the best athletes in the most impressive venues. Last year's winner Rusty Malinoski will be looking to hold onto the title, while Tige champ from two years ago, Andrew Adkison, is back firing on all pistons after an injury. Also, look for phenom Phillip Soven...

  • S1:E38 Airtime - Nelscott Reef Big Wave Tow-In Surf Championships – Oregon Coast

    Episode 14

    The Nelscott Reef Tow-In Surf Championships features the world’s best two-man teams including World Champion Tow-In surfer Garrett MacNamara and XXL champion Brad Gerlach who, along with 20 other world-class teams, attempt to tame this monster of the sea. The Nelscott Tow-In Surf Championships ta...

  • S1:E39 Airtime - Kayaking The Mighty Rivers Of Africa

    Episode 15

    The world’s top kayakers travel Africa in search of the most dangerous whitewater the continent has to offer. Breathtaking scenery and jaw dropping waterfalls make this a journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

  • S1:E40 Airtime - Action Sports World Tour Stop #1 – Richmond, Virginia

    Episode 16

    Pierre Luc Gagnon defends his title. Former world number-one Tas Pappas, and reigning World Champ Sandro Dias, want a piece of the crown. BMX riders Simon Tabron and John Parker, armed with new tricks, are geared up for another year of competition. Inline skater Eito Yasutoko defends his title.

  • S1:E41 Airtime - Action Sports World Tour Stop #2 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Episode 17

    Brazil's pride, skateboarder Sandro Dias, wants to build on his victory from stop one. And the likes of Australian Tas Pappas, Sweden's Mathias Ringstrom try to close in amidst the finest field the old country has to offer.

  • S1:E42 Airtime - Action Sports World Tour Stop #3 – Birmingham, United Kingdom

    Episode 18

    Top BMX riders and English natives, Jamie Bestwick and Simon Tabron are set to battle it out for top vert-rider honors at the NEC Arena. In the middle of the mammoth NASS industry event, one talented amateur will earn the right to ride against the pros.

  • S1:E43 Airtime - Action Sports World Tour Stop #4 – Berlin, Germany

    Episode 19

    Against the backdrop of the Brandenburg Gate, vert and street skaters throw down. Pro skater Juergen Horwarth will show off his skills in his hometown with fellow German Sascha Ewest.

  • S1:E44 Airtime - Action Sports World Tour Stop #5 – Paris, France

    Episode 20

    At the base of the Eiffel Tower the LG Action Sports World Tour continues with inliners Eito and Takeshie Yasutoko and the unstoppable female who rides against the boys, Fabiola da Silva. Skater John Postec will look to continue his push onto the vert scene.

  • S1:E45 Airtime - Action Sports National Championships – San Diego, CA (Part 1)

    Episode 21

    The top vert riders in the world, skaters PLG, Bucky Lasek, Sandro Dias, Mathias Ringstrom and Anthony Furlong are at the San Diego Sports Arena vying for the national title.

  • S1:E46 Airtime - Action Sports National Championships – San Diego, CA (Part 2)

    Episode 22

    BMX riders John Parker, Mike Mancuso and Kevin Robinson will all be on hand for the National Championships, in San Diego. Inline superheros Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko battle each other and top American skater Marc Englehart, who is constantly on their heels.

  • S1:E47 Airtime - LG Action Sports World Championships – Dallas, Texas (Part 1)

    Episode 23

    BMX riders Jamie Bestwick, Simon Tabron and John Parker hit the vert ramp, while street skaters Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka and Ronnie Creager show off their most technical moves. Superstar inliners Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko continue to dominate and progress the sport. While freestyle motocross, m...

  • S1:E48 Airtime - LG Action Sports World Championships – Dallas, Texas (Part 2)

    Episode 24

    Vert skaters Bucky Lasek, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, Tas Pappas and Sandro Dias have one final moment to crown an overall champion. The BMX park contest will include top riders Ryan Guettler, Steve McCann, Dave Dillewaard and Chad Kagy mixing it up.