Bikini Destinations

Bikini Destinations

5 Seasons

Established as one of the world's most popular shows, top bikini models travel to spectacular locations for dramatic photo shoots. These models look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

Bikini Destinations
  • S1:E1 Bikini Destinations - On Location With Hawaiian Tropic Girls

    Episode 1

    Bikini Destinations is in Hawaii with elite bikini models on exclusive photo shoots and interviews against remarkable island backdrops. Hawaiian Tropic’s CEO Ron Rice, photographers, stylists and models appear and speak about the fast-paced atmosphere of modeling amidst surreal footage of Hawaii’...

  • S1:E2 Bikini Destinations - Bahamas

    Episode 2

    Bikini Network girls sail, golf, volley and soar on a trip to the Bahamas. Bikini Destinations catches the girls as they adventure along breezy white and pink sand beaches on horseback, dive blue waters and parasail through painted horizons. Follow along as professional photographer Jim Creighto...

  • S1:E3 Bikini Destinations - Lake Powell

    Episode 3

    Bikini Destinations models go to Arizona’s Lake Powell, a desert oasis surrounded by baked earth. Models include May 2002 Playmate Christi Shake. The girls water ski, jet boat and frolic in this desert dreamscape under the sun and moon. Lake Powell is an anomaly: a living, bleeding tropical sea ...

  • S1:E4 Bikini Destinations - Las Vegas

    Episode 4

    Bikini Girls head for the lights and the grind of sinner’s paradise Las Vegas. From throwing dice to dance moves, jet ski tricks to sensual glances over dealt cards, it’s all babes and bikinis for the Hawaiian Tropic’s International pageant. And yes, Elvis is in the house. Bikini Destinations Las...

  • S1:E5 Bikini Destinations - Russia: Venus Model Search

    Episode 5

    The search for the hottest bikini models is on for Venus photographers and talent scouts. Learn what girls go through with makeup, hair, hopes and dreams in a dynamic unique to bikini modeling. There is behind the scenes, and then there is behind the scenes. Bikini Destinations listens to young m...

  • S1:E6 Bikini Destinations - Spring Break Cancun

    Episode 6

    Bikini Destinations dives deep into Mexico’s Spring Break tradition. Hawaiian Tropic girls spin in whirling jet boats, rave in throbbing dance mobs, zip down cable swings and then relax for photo shoots on white sand beaches and ancient ruins. Spring Break is an impulse. It’s reflexive. It’s horm...

  • S1:E7 Bikini Destinations - California

    Episode 7

    California’s best locations provide backdrops for bikini models including Playmate Kelly Monaco. Models vogue in the baked desert and on the misty shores revealing what makes a California a great photo location. California has it all - beaches, city, ocean and mountains. Furthermore, what Califo...

  • S1:E8 Bikini Destinations - French Riviera

    Episode 8

    France is invaded again as Bikini Destinations descends on St Tropez and Cannes. Stunners fly the French coast, shop the latest European styles, frolic through historic French streets and assault the Cannes Film Festival. There are reasons the French Riviera draws the rich and famous to its shor...

  • S1:E9 Bikini Destinations - Lima, Peru

    Episode 9

    Women the world over come to Peru’s Wosmos 2003 Pageant and Modeling Search to compete for top recognition while exploring Peru’s culture and most spectacular historical landmarks. What’s different in the face of a Latin woman is hard to lock down, but there is no question, something is differen...

  • S1:E10 Bikini Destinations - Oahu

    Episode 10

    BD Oahu is an action fest as bikini models skydive, submerge in a submarine, paddle outrigger canoes and scuba dive and surf one of Hawaii’s most famous beaches. Hawaii ‘s recognizable attractions and models tell a tropic story. Sure there’s the surfing, the sandy beaches and jungle-green peaks ...

  • S1:E11 Bikini Destinations - Maui

    Episode 11

    Bikini models slip into Maui as easily as they slip into the hottest bikinis. The girls visit with kite surfer Susanne Mai, and renowned marine artist and surfer Christian Lassen. Models are shot at Lassen’s spectacular shoreline home. Maui’s high winds, perfect waves and abundant sea life make ...

  • S1:E12 Bikini Destinations - Palm Springs

    Episode 12

    Join Destination’s bikini models as they take in the dramatic Palm Springs landscapes from hot-air balloon rides at dawn, horseback trail rides, jeep excursions and a mountain-scaling cable car ride. Bikini Destinations puts Palm Springs to the test. With its reputation for having a swank nightl...

  • S1:E13 Bikini Destinations - South Beach

    Episode 13

    Bikini Destinations models get hands on with wild alligators, offshore racing boats, propeller-driven swamp runners, high-fashion shopping sprees and a few of the hottest dance clubs in Miami’s South Beach. Bikini Destinations captures top models including Jennifer Brown doing the expected: shop...

  • S1:E14 Bikini Destinations - Acapulco

    Episode 14

    Bikini Destinations models take on Mexico’s most colorful seaside city on foot, on dance floors, on horseback along the sea’s edge, by plane and always – on the edge. Bikini Destinations hostess Jennifer Brown makes her hosting debut in beautiful Acapulco among more Spring Break pandemonium. BD ...

  • S1:E15 Bikini Destinations - Best of Bikini Destinations

    Episode 15

    Go back with BD bikini models to some of their favorite locations and adventures including Lake Powell, the Bahamas, Maui, Miami, and the French Riviera. Look forward to the past in this Bikini Destinations tour de force. Our Hi-Def cameras have been to so many remarkable locations with so many a...