Bikini Destinations

Bikini Destinations

5 Seasons

Established as one of the world's most popular shows, top bikini models travel to spectacular locations for dramatic photo shoots. These models look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

Bikini Destinations
  • S2:E1 Bikini Destinations - Mexican Riviera

    Episode 1

    Bikini models take a whirlwind trip along the Mexican Riviera sampling surf machines and water slides, sunset catamaran sailing, pristine beaches and carnivorous feasts at a Brazilian steak house. With so much to see and do in Mexico’s Riviera, Bikini Destinations kicks it into high gear to keep...

  • S2:E2 Bikini Destinations - Bora Bora

    Episode 2

    Journey to the middle of the Pacific’s Bora Bora as bikini models dive with sharks, play with stingrays, sample some Tahitian dance rituals and tour this island paradise. As remote as Bora Bora and the French Polynesian islands are, it’s no wonder that Bora Bora was among the last to be discover...

  • S2:E3 Bikini Destinations - Tahiti & Moorea

    Episode 3

    BD models are in Tahiti and Moorea diving deep-water airplane wrecks, playing in towering waterfalls and hanging with the world’s best surfers at the 2004 Billabong Pro Teahupoo event. BD goes to paradise for one of the best episodes yet. This just could be the most memorable Bikini Destinations...

  • S2:E4 Bikini Destinations - Cabo San Lucas

    Episode 4

    Cabo’s beautiful beaches and seaside Mexican charm are discovered during this yacht-style safari. The girl’s parasail and Jet Ski, then take in lessons on premium tequilas and fine cigars. The girls take a private jet to a 112-foot mega yacht in Cabo San Lucas, a one-time sleepy fishing village ...

  • S2:E5 Bikini Destinations - Catalina

    Episode 5

    Nostalgic Catalina Island delivers a classic Bikini Destinations with stunning California views, quaint Avalon harbor shopping, a submarine trip, and fun in the sun at the island’s Desconso Beach with kayaking, beach-side massages and of course beautiful bikini models. Just 26 miles from Los Ang...

  • S2:E6 Bikini Destinations - Costa Rica

    Episode 6

    Going down Central America style on a surfing adventure with Endless Summer II’s Wingnut, and Sam August. Bikini Destination girls take a trip through Costa Rica’s rain forest canopy, ride horses along the white sand beaches of Tamarindo, and surf with legends of the sport. In a Bikini Destinat...

  • S2:E7 Bikini Destinations - Lake Tahoe

    Episode 7

    Bikini Network girls embark on an alpine adventure in the pristine paradise that is Lake Tahoe. BD catches the girls in action as they hike well-worn wilderness trails, bike off-the-beaten paths and take sightseeing to the extreme by skydiving the High Sierras. Straddling the state line between C...

  • S2:E8 Bikini Destinations - Alaska

    Episode 8

    Glaciers and Bikini's? You won't believe your eyes as Bikini Destinations guides you through the wilderness of Alaska. Join our models as they explore the natural wonders and icy utopia found in our largest state.

  • S2:E9 Bikini Destinations - Molokai

    Episode 9

    Bikini Destinations explores the private Hawaiian Island paradise of Molokai. Join our beautiful models on their exotic photo shoots as they soak in Molokai's eternally green valleys, tumbling waterfalls and exquisite black beaches.

  • S2:E10 Bikini Destinations - Moscow

    Episode 10

    On one of its most unusual assignments, Bikini Destinations uncovers the mysteries of Moscow in the modern age. Part history lesson, part current events expedition, post-Communist Moscow serves as one of the most unusual backdrops for Bikini Destinations to date as its models explore the art, arc...

  • S2:E11 Bikini Destinations - Ukraine

    Episode 11

    Bikini Destinations explores the storied past and contemporary culture of the world's second largest country... the Ukraine. Bikini Destinations has traveled from un-chartered, idyllic islands to major metropolitan cities and everywhere in between. Today, they journey deep into the heart of histo...

  • S2:E12 Bikini Destinations - Rio de Janiero

    Episode 12

    Bikini Destinations descends upon Rio de Janeiro with visions of white-sand beaches, string bikinis, Carnival dancers and scores of beautiful people. This sultry Brazilian city doesn’t disappoint. The crew enjoy unparalleled views from atop Sugarloaf mountain, bank over Rio’s famous beaches on a ...

  • S2:E13 Bikini Destinations - Best of Season 2

    Episode 13

    Go back with BD bikini models to some of their favorite locations and adventures including Tahiti, Bora Bora, Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro, Russia, Alaska, and Molokai. Join Creator and Director Casey Bennett, accompanied by some of the most beautiful women in the world, as they revisit 12 of the m...

  • S2:E14 Bikini Destinations - Buzio

    Episode 14

    Bikini Destinations descends upon Buzios with visions of white-sand beaches, string bikinis, Carnival dancers and scores of beautiful people. This sultry Brazilian city doesn’t disappoint. The crew enjoy unparalleled views from atop Sugarloaf mountain, bank over Buzios's famous beaches on a helic...

  • S2:E15 Bikini Destinations - Puerto Vallarta

    Episode 15

    A dichotomy of cultural pageantry, Puerto Vallarta is situated in the heart of a geographically diverse playground of mountains, ocean and tropical rainforest. Add a few of the most beautiful women in the world into the mix and you’ve got the makings of a truly unique South of the Border experie...