Bikini Destinations

Bikini Destinations

5 Seasons

Established as one of the world's most popular shows, top bikini models travel to spectacular locations for dramatic photo shoots. These models look stunning on camera and enjoy the sweet nectar of life.

Bikini Destinations
  • S5:E1 Bikini Destinations - Roatan

    Episode 1

    Honduras is internationally known for its incredible beaches in both on the Caribbean and the Pacific. We visit Roatan, the largest and most popular of the Bay Islands in Honduras. Here, the people are remarkably kind, generous, and the lifestyle is simple. Come with us as our four breathtaking m...

  • S5:E2 Bikini Destinations - Mayan Riviera

    Episode 2

    Take a trip south of the border to the legendary Mayan Riviera. Located on the eastern side of the Yucatán Peninsula, the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya attracts the world’s best swimsuit models as they enthusiastically compete in the sexiest bikini contest in all of Central America. We take the ve...

  • S5:E3 Bikini Destinations - French Polynesia / Bora Bora

    Episode 3

    Our exotic models travel to the South Pacific and explore the mythical Tahitian Islands. Come along as they experience the sights and sounds of island culture in this tropical paradise. Our gorgeous beauties adventure continues with kiteboarding, spearfishing, and outrigger canoeing. These prist...

  • S5:E4 Bikini Destinations - Moorea

    Episode 4

    Bikini Destinations explores the historic and exotic Polynesian culture of the Tahitian island of Moorea. These are some of Bikini Destinations most memorable photo shoots set against the backdrop of stunning panoramic ocean views. Join our adventurous models as they ATV through the local pineapp...

  • S5:E5 Bikini Destinations - Behind the Scenes in Bora Bora

    Episode 5

    Go behind the scenes with Bikini Destinations as we share never before seen outtakes from our latest Pacific Island Adventure. Follow the candid moments with our gorgeous models and director, Casey Bennett, as we get an intimate glimpse into the world of exotic photography. But it’s not all work...

  • S5:E6 Bikini Destinations - Dominican Republic

    Episode 6

    The Dominican Republic is home to some of the most stunning mountain scenery, tropical rainforests mangrove swamps, and magnificent pristine beaches. Come with us as we take the hottest models up the palm-lined coastline as they explore this mystical island paradise. The action never stops as we ...