13 Episodes

After spending two years accomplishing their dream of switching sports, wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer, and big wave surfer Niccolo Porcella lead a collection of some of the most progressive athletes in the world in a global pursuit to push the level of the human experience. The team will travel to Hawaii, California, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Mo'orea, Tahiti, Sweden, France, and Switzerland experiencing the culture, food, and natural athletic arenas that are unique to each location. From exploring the fish markets of Paia, Maui, to the magical culture of Mo'orea & Tahiti, to a spectacular group skydive into Marsvinsholm castle in Sweden to attend a team member and Champion freefly skydivers wedding ceremony, to behind the lines at 4 star restaurant Aymara in downtown Oslo, Norway the viewers will experience the sights, sounds, and colors of some of the planet's most beautiful destinations. Season 2 of LiftOff will take the viewer on an unforgettable experience filled with not only harrowing and awe-inspiring athletic feats, but with the story of the people, places, and spirit of those that pursue the ultimate human experience.

  • S1:E1 LiftOff - The Beginning

    Episode 1

    Over the course of 6 months, Jokke Sommer, one of world's most prominent wingsuit pilots and Niccolo Porcella, a world-class waterman and big wave surfer, will trade knowledge in their extremely inspiring yet deadly sports. Jokke starts preparing for his trip to Maui by stopping in Oslo and picki...

  • S1:E2 LiftOff

    Episode 2

    Extreme sport athletes, Jokke Sommer and Niccolo Porcella, are under a lot of pressure as they continue to hit major challenges that could jeopardize their project. The jet ski needed to train Jokke to surf the waves of Pe'ahi may have taken in too much ocean water to be repaired. After dropping ...

  • S1:E3 LiftOff

    Episode 3

    With a huge storm set to hit Maui, Jokke Sommer and Niccolo Porcella shift over to water training to further prepare Jokke for Peahi's monstrous waves. The team meet at a local coffee shop and decide that Niccolo and his brother, Francisco, will surf the big swells at Pe'ahi in the morning and in...

  • S1:E4 LiftOff

    Episode 4

    The holiday season is approaching and Jokke Sommer and Niccolo Porcella are training to be the first two people to be proficient in both wingsuit flying and big wave surfing. Niccolo takes the team cliff diving as a method of simulating the impact of a big wave wipeout. Niccolo will be departing ...

  • S1:E5 LiftOff

    Episode 5

    Big wave surfer, Niccolo Porcella, takes his training wingsuit pilot training to the next level under the leadership and guidance of renowned BASE jumpers and wingsuit pilots, Jokke Sommer and Ludovic Woerth. After Niccolo returns from California, the team begins to prepare for Niccolo's first he...

  • S1:E6 LiftOff

    Episode 6

    Wingsuit pilot, Jokke Sommer is deep in his training and is preparing for his second encounter with the famous waves of Pe'ahi. The team is tracking a powerful storm that is set to hit Hawaii and produce massive swells. Niccolo's trainer, Izaac, has been working on a specialized routine to sharpe...

  • S1:E7 LiftOff

    Episode 7

    Since leaving Maui, Jokke Sommer and Niccolo Porcella have been skydive training in Dubai. After jumping and training with all Dubai has to offer, the team sets out for France for the next phase of training: bridge BASE jumping. France's Millau Viaduct bridge is the tallest bridge in the world st...

  • S1:E8 LiftOff

    Episode 8

    The saddest goodbyes to Liftoff castmate and mentor, Ludovic Woerth, who was lost in a tragic accident along with two other wingsuit pilots. The crew reflect on the accident, while partaking in a home-cooked meal, prepared by Jokke's mother in Norway before heading to the mountains for more base ...

  • S1:E9 LiftOff

    Episode 9

    Wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer, world class waterman Niccolo Porcella, and the crew are invited over to Tom Erik's house to review footage and prepare for a fly by in Bispen. The team then meet at the cabin and discuss some last details on Jokke and Tom's fly by stunt. Niccolo and the team wait by t...

  • S1:E10 LiftOff

    Episode 10

    Renowned waterman Niccolo Porcella is training for proximity wingsuit flying and regaining his confidence as he prepares to base jump in Cathammer. Meanwhile, wingsuit pilot, Jokke Sommer, is in Romsdal preparing for an aerial stunt for a commercial with skydiver, Bjorn Magne Bryn and wingsuit pi...

  • S1:E11 LiftOff

    Episode 11

    In Romsdal, Norway, Jokke Sommer attempts an aerial stunt with Bjorn Bryn and Espen Fadnes but Bjorn's parachute lines get twisted, cutting off his circulation and spinning him around as he plummets to the ground but he luckily is able to cut off his main parachute and launch his reserve just in ...

  • S1:E12 LiftOff

    Episode 12

    World class waterman, Niccolo Porcella, prepares for his first jump from a helicopter in a wingsuit. The team heads to Dumpster to get in some more base jumping training. Niccolo and Petter hike to the exit point and enjoy a beautifully executed jump. Afterwards, they head to a local helicopter r...

  • S1:E13 LiftOff

    Episode 13

    Wingsuit pilot Jokke Sommer, gears up for his first base jump at Aiguille Du Midi. Conflicted, he approaches the exit to get a better feel for the path and with a faithful heart, he leaps off the edge. Jokke enjoys one of his most amazing flights down the mountain, basking in the stretching, brea...