Maverick Moments

Maverick Moments

3 Episodes

Maverick Moments follows big wave surfers from all walks of life and levels of fame as they struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion all against the backdrop of one of the most feared surf breaks on the planet.

Maverick Moments
  • S1:E1 Maverick Moments

    Episode 1

    A swell rises in Nazare, Portugal and big wave surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, and Hugo Vau set out to ride it. Garrett McNamara resides in the north shore of Oahu with his wife Nicole McNamara and their children. Nazare is a small town in Central Portugal that produces some of the most ...

  • S1:E2 Maverick Moments

    Episode 2

    One of the biggest swells ever rises in Nazare, Portugal. Big wave surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, and Ross Clarke Jones set out to surf on the second day of the swell. They are joined by Ross Clarke Jones and Michele Laurant. Ross Clarke Jones is an Australian big wave surfer ...

  • S1:E3 Maverick Moments

    Episode 3

    With a huge storm heading to the North Pacific, big wave surfers, like Eric Akiskalian, have their eyes set on the waves predicted to hit Nelscott Reef in Oregon. Nelscott Reef is known as one of the most intimidating beach breaks in the entire world. Fifty-five year old Eric Akiskalian holds the...