My Surf TV

My Surf TV

15 Episodes

Hosted by World Surf League commentator Ronnie Blakey, My Surf TV brings you surfing’s most relevant stories. Whether it’s a surfing adventure to far flung parts of the globe, or profiles of the brightest surf talent, My Surf TV features stories that are current and that matter. The Series includes interviews with past and current world champions, Mark Occhilupo, Peter Townend, Tyler Wright and Joel Parkinson, plus special guests including world champions Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore.

My Surf TV
  • S3:E1 My Surf TV

    Episode 1

    It's the Volcom special featuring the Brown Brothers, Ozzie Wright and an epic Maldives boat trip.

  • S3:E2 My Surf TV

    Episode 2

    It's the cyclone special , featuring the best swells to hit Australia, produced by those huge swirling low pressure systems. From the Gold Coast to Western Australia, we have the big swell events covered.

  • S3:E3 My Surf TV

    Episode 3

    It's the Rip Curl Search episode with Luke Hynde, Dillon Perillo and a mystical wave. It's all about the discovery.

  • S3:E4 My Surf TV

    Episode 4

    Indonesia is the focus in this episode. Featuring amazing boat trips, secret spots and perfect waves. Tai Graham, Mitch Coleborn and friends score one particularly memorable session.

  • S3:E5 My Surf TV

    Episode 5

    A European road trip, charger/shaper Dylan Longbottom and Mason Ho all feature in this outstanding episode.

  • S3:E6 My Surf TV

    Episode 6

    A classic Rip Curl search episode featuring Matt Wilkinson and Gab Medina in untouched Indonesia and glorious Africa.

  • S3:E7 My Surf TV

    Episode 7

    We head south for some remote Aussie bombs and beatings, then we'll break down the carbon wrap surfboard technology and we'll visit Mick Fanning for some insights on the equipment he relies on.

  • S3:E8 My Surf TV

    Episode 8

    We join the Rip Curl team as Mick Fanning and Mason Ho go into the cold unknown, sit down with Tyler Wright and chat to Matt Wilkinson.

  • S3:E9 My Surf TV

    Episode 9

    In this episode we go to China to check out one of the most unique surf contests of all-time, The Silver Dragon.

  • S3:E10 My Surf TV

    Episode 10

    It's the Volcom special featuring Yago Dora, Mitch Coleborn, Ozzie Wright and others in Hawaii and Indonesia.

  • S3:E11 My Surf TV

    Episode 11

    In this episode we head to the North Shore of Hawaii to cover the progress of Bede Durbidge as he continues his amazing comeback from a near career ending injury at Pipeline.

  • S3:E12 My Surf TV

    Episode 12

    Catch up with World Champion Joel Parkinson in Hawaii, we'll find out what Felicity Palmateer has been up to and talk surfboards with Tyler Warren and Andy Irons.

  • S3:E13 My Surf TV

    Episode 13

    Head to Japan to take a look at Billabong's "Bloodlines" surfing program, talk art with surfer Otis Carey and watch Billabong's "Single Fin Festival" in Burleigh, Australia.

  • S3:E14 My Surf TV

    Episode 14

    Chat with big wave charger and surf travel expert, David Scard as he takes you on a guided tour of some of his favorite places from Micronesia to Fiji and the Maldives.

  • S3:E15 My Surf TV

    Episode 15

    Head to Hawaii's North Shore for the inaugural Oakley "Battle Clips" competition where twenty-grand is awaiting the winner.