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  • S2:E1 Nomads - Paragliding in Paradise-Valle De Bravo-Mexico

    Two young athletes and one air to air cinematographer displays their talents in one of the most consistent paragliding destinations in the world.

  • S1:E5 Mind'Venture - Learning to Dive

  • S1:E3 Maverick Moments

    With a huge storm heading to the North Pacific, big wave surfers, like Eric Akiskalian, have their eyes set on the waves predicted to hit Nelscott Reef in Oregon. Nelscott Reef is known as one of the most intimidating beach breaks in the entire world. Fifty-five year old Eric Akiskalian holds the...

  • S1:E10 Send It!

    On this edition of Send It, Joel Parkinson takes us surfing; Cedric Dumont goes skydiving wingsuit flying in Nazca Lines, Peru; Cameron Zink shows off his mountain biking skills; Matjaz Klemencic & Peter Prevc challenge each other skiing vs. glider in Planica, Slovenia; Philipp Schuster goes skat...

  • S2:E1 Which Way To - Nicaragua

    The brothers attain their goal of riding motorcycles to the heart of Nicaragua, through the jungle to the isolated beaches of the Pacific coast and back inland: through Spanish-colonial towns, cigar plantations, local villages and the huge volcanic island of Ometepe.