Send It!

Send It!

10 Episodes

"Send it!" This action sports series follows athletes as they give their all to their sporting pursuits; These dedicated athletes have an unbridled tenacity to achieve. They push themselves in unprecedented ways that they have never experienced.

Send It!
  • S1:E1 Send It!

    Episode 1

    On this edition of Send It, Brian Grubb wakeskating ancient waters; Dimitris Kyrsanidis shows off his parkour skills; Marco Waltenspiel attacks skydiving; Ian Walsh head out surfing; Benny Urban shreds snowboarding; Antoine Bizet is fearless going downhill motorbiking; Jason Polakow impresses win...

  • S1:E2 Send It!

    Episode 2

    On this edition of Send It, we follow Red Gerard and friends as they go snowboarding in Slovenia; then go cliff diving with Orlando Duque at Victoria Falls; Korahn Gayle and friends go skateboarding in Myanmar; We also highlight the Airlines Slacklining Event in Italy before catching up with the ...

  • S1:E3 Send It!

    Episode 3

    On this episode Vasya Lukyanenkob rides BMX in Ukraine; Sean MacCormac takes us skydiving and skysurfing; Sasha Digiulian & Felipe Camargo go mountain climbing in Pedra Riscada, Brazil; Ryan Dungey tears up Supercross; Robby Naish demonstrates his multi-talents as a waterman; Dougie Lampkin takes...

  • S1:E4 Send It!

    Episode 4

    On this edition of Send It, Ryan Doyle heads out freerunning in Petra, Jordan; Tory Pudwill shows of his skateboarding skills; Jed Mildon take us out to BMX; Daniil Ivanov enjoys motorbiking on ice in Russia; Adriano de Souza shows off his surfing skills; "Mad" Mike Whiddett gets to drifting in S...

  • S1:E5 Send It!

    Episode 5

    On this edition of Send It, Mick Fanning heads out surfing; We check onto the Air Race event; Kriss Kyle take us out to BMX, Bryce Menzies enter the Frozen Rush Truck Race Event; Maine Gee & Dan Atherton show us their version of mountain biking; Eero Ettala & friends, snowboarding; Chris Sharma s...

  • S1:E6 Send It!

    Episode 6

    On this edition of Send It, Daniel Dhers shows off his BMX skills in Salt Park, Bolivia; Marcilio Browne and friends head out windsurfing; We share some highlights from the Dreamline BMX event; Later, catch up with Fernanda Maciel running mountaineering; finally, come along to the Crashed Ice Eve...

  • S1:E7 Send It!

    Episode 7

    On this edition of Send It, Marco Waltenspiel and friends go skydiving; Leonardo Fioravanti takes us out surfing; We check out the Kaos Temple skateboarding Project; Then Julien Dupont hits the trials; Nils Jakob Hoff & Kjetil Borch show us their world-class rowing; Next is paragliding with Rafae...

  • S1:E8 Send It!

    Episode 8

    On this edition of Send It, Orlando Duque takes us cliff diving in Croatia; Brett Rheeder shows us his mountain biking Skills; check in with the Flow Hunters kayaking project in New ZealandRyan Doyle takes us freerunning in Rome; Patrick Seabase takes us on a bicycle tour of France; Cerro Abajo g...

  • S1:E9 Send It!

    Episode 9

    On this edition of Send It, Anthony Davis shows off his basketball skills; Alex & Jeremy Martin race motocross; Fred & Vince go skydiving/wingsuit flying in Mount Agner, Italy; Kick It Martial Arts Event in South Korea; Petr Kraus hits the trials mountain biking in Cappadocia, Turkey; Nick Goeppe...

  • S1:E10 Send It!

    Episode 10

    On this edition of Send It, Joel Parkinson takes us surfing; Cedric Dumont goes skydiving wingsuit flying in Nazca Lines, Peru; Cameron Zink shows off his mountain biking skills; Matjaz Klemencic & Peter Prevc challenge each other skiing vs. glider in Planica, Slovenia; Philipp Schuster goes skat...