• 101: Extreme Cinematography

    This is the classic extreme sports series that preceded all others,Outdoor Cinematographer, Dan Merke, is an individual who places his body on the line everyday in effort to position himself for that impossible shot. Al Giddings; is considered to be the foremost underwater cinematographer in the ...

  • S1:E1 Maverick Moments: JET SKI TAKEN OUT AT NORTH SHORE

    A swell rises in Nazare, Portugal and big wave surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, and Hugo Vau set out to ride it. Garrett McNamara resides in the north shore of Oahu with his wife Nicole McNamara and their children. Nazare is a small town in Central Portugal that produces some of the most ...

  • 201: Sears Point Raceway

    Gabby Reese rides super bikes with team Kawasaki. Greg Riffi bunji jumps record heights, free-dives several hundred feet in the ocean, and barefoot water skies behind a helicopter. Steve Klassen snowboards uncharted Argentinean mountains.

  • Episode 1: Stikine Canyon,Kelly Slater, Robbie Naish, The Wedge

    Join us as we travel to the insane white waters of the Stikine Canyon, we go behind the scenes of Oakley's Wave of the Winter featuring World Champion Kelly Slater and many top pros. Robbie Naish hosts a Kitesurf session in South Africa, what it takes to live on the edge in Tahiti, and one of the...

  • S1:E2 Maverick Moments

    One of the biggest swells ever rises in Nazare, Portugal. Big wave surfers Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, and Ross Clarke Jones set out to surf on the second day of the swell. They are joined by Ross Clarke Jones and Michele Laurant. Ross Clarke Jones is an Australian big wave surfer ...

  • 202: Barefoot Water Skiing

    This is the classic extreme sports series that preceded all others,Gabby Reese tries her luck at barefoot water-skiingwith champion brian fuchs.
    Guy Cooper shows us what big air motorcross jumping is all about at his private ranch in oklahoma. Exreme ice climbing; in Canada with the north face c...

  • 302: Exotic Animal Trainer

    This is the classic series that preceded all others.Exotic animal trainer, Randy Miller takes the ultimate extremist Laird Hamilton into the cage with a few of his wild friends; extreme skier and windsurfing expert Pascal Hardy shows us his best moves race to Seattle where Greenpeace activists pu...

  • S1:E2 Airtime - Bonifay Doubleup + Byerly Toe Jam

    It’s an all-wakeskate event featuring the best of progressive riding at the Parks Bonifay’s Wakeboard Double Up and Scott Byerly’s Toe Jam.

  • Episode 2: Deep canyon kayaking, New Zealand, Jet Ski Daredevils

    We go off in all directions... leaping into deep canyon pools, kayaking a first descent of an impressive series of falls in Canada, bracing for a surf session in the cold waters of New Zealand, throwing down with a field of jet ski daredevils and does Kelly Slater have a shot at winning Oakley's ...

  • S4:E2 Nomads - Waiting Game - Freeskiing the World's Best Powder Part 1

    The Waiting is the hardest part. The anticipation of the next face shot, of an uncut heli run, and of an approaching storm is enough to drive this group of skiers to devote their entire lives to the pursuit of a sport and a lifestyle.

  • S4:E3 Nomads - Waiting Game - Freeskiing the World's Best Powder Part 2

    Waiting is the hardest part but get to know these athletes as they show why the wait is always worth it in this big mountain ski movie.

  • S4:E3 - Sports Adventure - Whitewater Challenge

    The Sickline Kayak Team travels the world in search of big challenges. We join them in Greenland, Siberia, Indonesia and Pakistan. The team enjoys the local sites and cultures, all while sampling the most amazing whitewater rapids.

  • S5:E3 Sports Adventure - Wellerbrucke Rapid

    The Wellerbrucke rapid is a world class kayaker’s dream. Not only offering up great freestyle adventures, it also hosts the Adidas Sick-line Extreme Kayak Championships. This version is seen through the eyes of 3-time champion Sam Sutton.

  • Episode 3: Teahupoo, Wakeboard in Sweden, Mavericks, Brock Little

    We're on board for one of the biggest days ever at Tahiti's epic wave Teahupoo, a surfer rediscovers his flow, a yogi gets on board, ripping a wakeboard winch park in Sweden, we take a closer look at the famous wave at Mavericks, we talk story with surfing Hall of Famer, Brock Little, and fishing...

  • 303: Ski Expert, Nascar Trucks, Mountain Biker

    The ultimate extremist Laird Hamilton and kite ski expert Corey Roessler shred the rough waters off the coast of Oregon three time NASCAR truck champion Mike Skinner takes us on a wild ride while he attempts to win his fourth title skier, mountain biker and paralympic gold medalist John Davis sho...

  • S1:E3 Airtime - US Open Wakeboard Championships - Kauai, Hawaii (Part 1)

    Wakeboarders compete at the birthplace of wakeboarding, Hawaii’s Wailua River in the US Open Wakeboarding Championships. It’s top-flight competition and plush, tropical freeriding, pushing the progression of the sport.

  • S1:E3 Nomads - Whitewater Kayaking in New Zealand

    An international team kayaks the classic runs of New Zealand’s south island and in turn they find a new adventure around every bend.

  • S1:E3 Maverick Moments

    With a huge storm heading to the North Pacific, big wave surfers, like Eric Akiskalian, have their eyes set on the waves predicted to hit Nelscott Reef in Oregon. Nelscott Reef is known as one of the most intimidating beach breaks in the entire world. Fifty-five year old Eric Akiskalian holds the...

  • S1:E4 Maverick Moments

    For its next stop, The Big Wave World Tour sets out for massive swells at Nelscott Reef. Local big wave surfers, Eric Akiskalian and Keith Galbraith are invited to compete. One hopeful surfer, Will Skudin, is looking to join the tour for the first time with an invitation. Will Skudin grew up in L...

  • S3:E4 Nomads - Kitesurfing Tahiti

    Kitesurfing is a sport that could not be better suited to an island location like Tahiti.With the sun, sand and an ocean breeze it is an ideal spot to spread your kite and surf.

  • Episode 4: North Shore of Hawaii, Kassia Meador, Indonesia, Kayaking Mexico

    We'll be chasing barrels on the North Shore of Hawaii, making friends with sharks, kayaking epic waterfalls in Mexico, traveling to Indonesia with a couple of pros, hanging-ten with Kassia Meador, one of longboards' beauties, and it's not surfing if you aren't getting slammed.

  • 304: Catalina Paddleboard Classic

    This is the classic series that preceded all others. Join us off the coast of the channel islands as the ultimate extremist Laird Hamilton attempts to win the grueling Catalina paddleboard classic follow the biggest surf of the decade with professional bodyboarder Mike Stewart radical aerobatics ...

  • 4: Big Danger: Bull Riders, Mountain men, and Free Divers

    Bull Riders take on ferocious 2000 lb. beasts; Outdoorsman, Pascal Budin trains for Speed Skiing; Despite the dangers, Free Divers Terry Moss and Bill Ernst hunt the elusive Bluefin Tuna.Hosted by legendary waterman Laird Hamilton and Olympic volleyball icon-turned-cover model Gabrielle Reece.

  • 205: Cypress Gardens - Water Ski

    This is the classic extreme sports series that preceded all others,Gabby Reese joins the talented performers atthe world's oldest water show in Cypress Florida. Dave Schultz races his drag bike down a 1/4 mile track at 170 mph. Tornado chasers;track mother natures most destructive creation.