Which Way To

Which Way To

2 Seasons

Which Way To is a thrilling adventure travel series that follows the three enigmatic Eagar Brothers as they undertake incredible journeys to exotic destinations around the world. Possessing a special talent for hardcore travel, the Brothers get the heart of a culture better than anyone by choosing to travel like a local, with the locals, guaranteeing an unforgettable adventure every time.

Traveling the "Eagar Way" means traveling rough, traveling hard, traveling off the beaten path, and it means bridging challenging cultural hurdles. By choosing special modes of transport for every trip, the brothers' fearlessness, friendliness, and energy create a special excitement rarely seen. They trek over the Himalayas to visit the King of the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang; drive reindeer sleighs across the Arctic; travel by Banca boat in rebel territory in the Philippines; hike the little known island of Shikoku, Japan to seek spiritual enlightenment with Zen Buddhist monks; and bury treasure in the Sahara desert with the blue veiled Tuareg Nomads.

The Eager Brothers take you on adventures you will never forget.

Which Way To
  • S2:E1 Which Way To - Nicaragua

    Episode 1

    The brothers attain their goal of riding motorcycles to the heart of Nicaragua, through the jungle to the isolated beaches of the Pacific coast and back inland: through Spanish-colonial towns, cigar plantations, local villages and the huge volcanic island of Ometepe.